Over a fifteen-year career, Craig's been called many things (keep it clean, please): Human Factors Engineer, Interaction Designer, UX Architect, Product Designer, and Experience Designer (XD). All have caused perplexed faces among family members, friends, and at parties. Today he's a Product Design Director at Optimizely.

Name-calling aside, he lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew up in Great Britain. Throughout his career, he's worked in teams spanning the globe, for solutions used worldwide, and in varied industries. He's also worked as a consultant, both independently and via consultancies, and in-house.


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Nice Things People Have Said About Me

"Craig is a talented and creative UX designer. I worked closely with him on several large-scale projects over a number of years. His critical thinking skills are highly tuned, and at the same time he's able to creatively solve tough problems and innovate. You can also depend on Craig as a coworker: he never lets you down and delivers high-quality work on time. I heartily recommend Craig as a UX designer."

Jim Kalbach, O'Reilly Author, and Chief Evangelist, Mural

"Craig was a designer on my team at Citrix and spearheaded UX design for the GoToMeeting iOS experience, amongst other projects. It was truly a pleasure working with Craig. He is an extremely talented designer and is dedicated to his craft. Craig is very proactive - he consistently went out of his way to inject user centered thinking in all project efforts he was involved in. He is conscientious, a consummate professional, and a delight to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig as he'd be a valuable addition to any team."

Reena Merchant, Sr. User Experience Manager, Google

"I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Craig at Citrix. His impressive interactive design knowledge was obvious from the start, as were his notable communication skills. He has a great ability to quickly understand the complexities of small and large design projects - no small feat when he usually worked on multiple projects at one time. I could always count on Craig to be level-headed, collaborative and positive. He's a great asset to any team."

Laura Martin, Head of UX, Amazon

"Craig is studious and diligent and has developed a unique role and reputation in LexisNexis International as the leading authority on Human Factors, Information Architecture and Responsive Design. He is continuously called upon by our large team of designers and engineers to choose and approve the application of design standards and design best practices across the international product portfolio.

Craig has an exceptional ability to dissect a user experience design issue and pinpoint the causality in the various elements. He is extremely good at communicating the design and technical trade-offs in the solution options to help designers, engineers and product stakeholders make effective decisions.

Craig has made his mark on LexisNexis product design worldwide through his legacy in the global design standards. I am very impressed by the depths of his knowledge and his ability to negotiate the best design solution with multiple stakeholders in a big organisation. He has a remarkable intellect and a real talent for design communication."

Carmel Kammeier, Design Strategy Lead, LexisNexis

"Craig has a great way of balancing between business needs and what's best for the customer. He handles the strategic big picture as well as the every day quick fixes. He strives for insights to make the right priorities and is a very talented interaction designer with a feeling for cutting edge user experience design. With his sense of humor, he is also a great addition to your team. All in all, hire Craig."

Johan Gertell, CMO & CBDO, Mathem

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