Making a great first impression.

The unboxing experience when buying a phone and subscription was underwhelming. It came in a plain box, was packed with poorly folded papers, and the information included wasn't very relevant or easy to read. That simply would not do.

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UX Lead


Key results


fewer papers


cost savings

Evaluating the existing unboxing experience.


We began by ordering a phone and subscription online so that we could see how an actual order is fulfilled.


The box comes with a thread that the customer is supposed to pull to help them open the package. However, the shipping label is stuck on top of it, and it made it rather difficult to open.


Once we were finally inside the box, we were greeted by a wad of folded paper.


There were nine pieces of A4 paper in total, along with one envelope. We went through the papers and used different coloured highlighter pens to mark what to keep or remove.

Designing a better unboxing experience.


Nine A4 sheets of information was distilled down into a single sheet of A4. We also boosted the text size and used headings to improve readability and legibility.

Box research

We visited our distribution center and our packaging supplier to better understand how they work and get ideas on how we could improve the experience for our customers.

We also looked at boxes from other companies to get ideas and a better understanding on what options we had.


We prototyped the new box design and used this to get feedback from customers and refine the design further.


Now our customers recieve a nicer looking box, with much less papers, and more focused and clearer communication.


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