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Users can join, host, and schedule meetings from their iPhone whilst on the go using the GoToMeeting app. I joined Citrix's product team to help them improve it, design its new features, and also more generally help with their design standards work.





Sr. Product Designer


Product evaluation

I performed a heuristic evaluation on GoToMeeting iOS to identify areas for improvement. I presented my findings (29 in total) to the product manager and engineering group.

To help demonstrate the findings I used video recordings. These recordings were then compared to equivalent functionality from other apps to help highlight the differences in experience.

These slides are a small sample of the presentation I gave.

Designing new features

I was the designer on a cross-functional team, and was responsible for creating and usability testing the designs for new features.

I worked closely with the developers based in Stockholm and San Francisco. I also collaborated with the other designers based in San Francisco and Santa Barbara in design forums and information shares. Below you can see my work for one of many the features I designed for GoToMeeting iOS.

Wireframe storyboard showing how to go from a small webcam thumbnail into a full screen experience.

I created wireframes in Balsamiq to sketch out the different ways of supporting the new functionality.

Annotated Mockup - Webcams - G2M Pro

Once I was happy with the wireframed approach, I produced Photoshop mockups of the new functionality using the Citrix design standards.

These mockups were used in the prototype, and later on, were annotated (as shown) and given to engineering.

Axure Prototype – View and Share Webcam

Using the designs I made in Photoshop I created an "on-rails" prototype of the new webcam functionality in Axure RP.

G2M – Webcam – User Testing

I created the test plan, and ran several tests on The objective being to validate that the added functionality was easy to use.

Designs where iterated on until successful, using the RITE methodology.


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