3Skicka Surf.

We created a brand new service that lets Three's customers share their data with one another. A first of its kind, this utility app on iOS and Android introduced a playful, fun, and gratifying way to do, from the outset, an inherently uninspiring task.

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Allow any 3 user with included data to send data to any other 3 user

It began with a simple idea for a new way to share data. When you begin any project you first want to understand in more detail what the business and user goals are; who would want to use this, and when would they want to?

There are various ways for answering these kinds of questions, including workshops, interviews and market research. We started with a blank page.

Physical calculators, dials and digital wheels.

We broke down the various features needed for such a service, and began researching how this is done in other products.

Choosing a surf amount was particularly interesting, as there are different ways to measure surf (MB, GB), and there is a broad range to choose from, e.g. 100MB to 10GB.

We looked at various ways to input numbers, such as number pads, wheels and dials. Each of these has pros and cons from both a usability and UX perspective.

The design evolved from solutions such as a dial with fixed labels, to a more advanced throwing approach and ending up with a tap to send.

With our understanding as a foundation, we began to ideate and sketch out possible solutions. Those ideas evolved into prototypes. Throughout, we verified that it meets the business need, that it's technically possible, and that our design concept is still useful and usable. This design process repeated over several iterations.

Overview of unhappy flows

Once we decided on a dial, we began doing detail design. We need the app to be able to handle "unhappy scenarios", such as no data available to send, sending to a non-Three customer, or monthly send limit reached, to name but a few.

It took 75 screens in total and 18 use cases to bring 3Skicka Surf to life.

We, the UX team, worked closely with the developer agency to help bring the experience to life, and at the same time, we began creating a promotional vieo and website to help advertise and introduce the service internally.

3Skicka surf is a USP for Tre, so much so that it had its own dedicated TV adverts.

Promotional website and app


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